For many mothers the birth process evolves more easily at home with the support of skilled midwives. We offer continuous support while you are in labor and are respectfully aware of some families need for complete privacy throughout the birthing process. During your labor we monitor your and your baby’s well being in a non-invasive manner.

Each woman opens most easily when and where she can feel the most comfortable and safe to be vulnerable. Even as animals who retreat to a hidden place to give birth, many women and families give birth with the most ease when given the time, space, and privacy to allow the love hormones of birth to flourish. Still some women feel the most safe with us sitting right by their side giving them comfort, reassurance, and guiding them through the unknown.

During prenatal care we get a sense from each mom what she anticipates her needs in labor will be, but because no one really knows what they will want in labor until it is happening, we are vigilant in reading body language and acting accordingly in each moment of the birthing process. We believe that labor is a deeply instinctive and natural process and that women innately know how to give birth in the depth of their cells.

Being an excellent midwife requires knowing how to recognize all the variations of normal and allowing them to unfold without intervention. On the other hand , it is being able to recognize when things are out of the range of normal and being ready to act skillfully and appropriately on behalf of the mother, her baby, and their safety. Blossom Midwifery considers this skill of knowing and discerning how and when to act and how and when to be still as the most essential element to the art of Midwifery.