Placenta Encapsulation

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation:

* Restores hormonal balance
* Combats postpartum depression
* Uplifts mood
* Increases milk supply
* Increases iron levels
* Increases energy levels
* Decreases postpartum bleeding
* Helps prevent anemia

Placenta encapsulation and medicine has been benefiting many cultures for thousands of years. Almost every animal in the animal kingdom ingests their placenta shortly after the birth. It is said to be the only kind of vegetarian meat there is, as no animal had to die to create it. On the contrary, the meat was made during the creation of life. The placenta is often referred to as, “The Tree of Life”.  During pregnancy the mothers body sends the nutrients needed to build and feed her baby through the placenta. During the prenatal period, the mother’s hormones reach an astonishing peak with some hormones increasing by 100 fold. These hormones are  stored in the placenta. Ingesting the placenta after the birth helps these hormones in the body to decrease gradually rather than in one sudden shift after the birth. The mother puts much of her chi (life force energy) into growing her baby, birthing, and breastfeeding. Using her placenta as medicine, she is able to reclaim much of this life force energy, leaving her feeling vital and ready to take on the joys and challenges of parenting outside the womb. I have experienced the undeniably powerful benefits of placenta encapsulation for postpartum recovery in my own life and in my practice. I have been recommending placenta encapsulation to all of my clients for many years. I use a raw foods method of dehydration to retain the greatest amount of nutrients in the encapsulation process, with an emphasis on sacred and sanitary practices.   

 Link: Star Sings Praises of Eating Placenta

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