Each Of Us Blossom In Our Own Time

No one says, “That rose bud isn’t blossoming on time”. They don’t worry that it won’t ever open or will not bloom perfectly and beautifully if it doesn’t open by a certain time. We all know that buds open when their time is right and that the same bush doesn’t always blossom at the same time every year. The timing of the bud’s flowering is dependent on many factors such as the date of the last frost, the amount of pruning that has taken place and the ratio of rain and clouds to sun in the spring. We are all connected to the earth and we are all connected to each other. Let us not forget to remind each other of this connection and of the amazing power of nature to keep everything in perfect harmony. Just as each flower opens in it’s own way and in it’s own time when the conditions are ripe, babies blossom in their own fullness of time. – Joy Jech