Meghan Belt: I’m not sure there are words to express how grateful I am for Joy.  She’s been my midwife for my last three pregnancies.  She is a real blessing in my life and I couldn’t imagine prenatal care with anyone else.  Joy is honest, trusting, caring, encouraging, supportive, gentle, joyful and loving.  She was always available to calm worries and was full of information.  She gave me the freedom to choose which tests and vaccines I wanted for me and my babies.  Joy made me feel comfortable before, during and after delivery.  She allowed me to labor the way I wanted, and needed to, and was never invasive.  Joy wanted what was best for me and my family and I’ll forever be thankful for her.




DeDe Fisher: We were so blessed to have Joy as our midwife.

The birth of both of our children were everything we hoped for and
then some. We did the Hypnobirthing method and Joy was very
knowledgable and respectful of our birth plan letting  us birth in a
relaxing and positive atmosphere. We gained so much knowledge in
alternative and holistic ways to deal with issues that came up through
out our journey with her. We have absolute trust in Joy, we always
left our appointments 100% confident and fear free something that was
very important to my husband and I. We will never forget what a
positive and loving experience we had with Joy! She is such a
beautiful person that was perfect for our family.
DeDe Fisher

Joy you are truly one of a kind and we thank you for the amazing child
birth experience that we have had with both our kids! Thank you for
breathing confidence and positivity into us! Your the best!!

EJ Fisher: Dear Joy I want to thank you personally for being a great friend to my

wife(and to me) during this time of pregnancy.  You have totally
inspired me to actually be interested in stuff about the female body
that I never would have been had we went to a traditional hospital and
done birthing as a business transaction instead of a life experience.
It hat not only changed the way I view my wife for the amazing human
that God has created her to be, but also for the experience that child
birth can bring to a family and how much closer we have grown not only
as a couple but as a family with the birth of our second child. Your
knowledge and expertiece reassured me that my wife and my family would
be in good hands. You are truely one of a kind. I am very glad and
fortunate to have had you be a part of both of our childrens lives.
Thank you, EJ Fisher


Ellen Glek: (Joy was my midwife at Andaluz birth center and now has her own practice–Blossom Midwifery.)

I feel that I became a mother in the best way possible–with a midwife who supports natural childbirth 100%.  Prenatal appointments were caring and professional with plenty of time to chitchat.  On the day, Joy set up my birth room with candles and full tub and let me handle the labor in my own way (I was a hands-off kind of birther).  I really appreciate her hesitation to use any interventions to tamper with the birth process and her deep trust in women’s bodies and in letting things be.  Because of this philosophy, I’m so proud of the way my daughter was born.  

Joy is multi-talented and personally encapsulated my baby’s placenta.  So great to have someone not squeamish about these things!  She also painted my pregnant belly with my unborn baby, and later took priceless photos of the labor and delivery.  She has more than one book in the works.  She truly lives and breathes this stuff–you are in good hands!


 Jeremiah and Cammi Bay: Thank you Joy for all you did for our family! Lorelei is already 2 weeks old tomorrow!

My wife and I met Joy while searching for a midwife after becoming pregnant last fall. Of all the midwives we researched and met with, Joy was hands down our first pick and the one we connected with most strongly. After learning our insurance would not cover home births or any births for that matter outside of a hospital, we were extremely disappointed we would not be able to use Joy as our midwife. 

Since we couldn’t have Joy as our midwife, we were thrilled we could at least have her support and presence in the delivery room with her incredible photography services.

We couldn’t have picked a better person to entrust capturing that precious experience. Not only did Joy deliver to us amazing pictures we will cherish forever, but she went above and beyond with creating a beautiful slideshow to help us relive the memories, and the most gorgeous and detailed belly painting we have ever seen!

We were grateful Joy was able to share with us benefits of encapsulating the placenta and was able to take and encapsulate the placenta for us so my wife and baby could benefit from those vital nutrients provided by nature.

We really appreciated how extremely knowledgeable and supportive Joy was to our family throughout the entire pregnancy and felt lucky to have her as our photographer. We are excited to switch insurance companies so Joy can be our midwife for a home water birth with our next child that we are planning for next year! 

Whether you are doing a hospital birth or a home birth, we hope your family is fortunate enough to be blessed with the talent and presence of Joy Jech.