Waterbirth  Pictures.    Portland Oregon Midwife Joy Jech.

Waterbirth gives you a buoyant mobility throughout  labor that allows you to relax into the process and let your body open with greater ease. Some say waterbirth is as effective for pain management as an epidural. Newborn baby’s are born with something called a dive reflex which prevents them from taking a breath under water during a waterbirth. The dive reflex makes it so that they will not attemt to take a breath until their face hits the air. They are still receiving oxygen purely through the umbilical cord until their face hits the air and their bodies begin the transition from fetal circulation (getting oxygen through the placenta), to newborn circulation (breathing through their lungs). Over 90% of our clients have a waterbirth. If you plan for a waterbirth and then in the moment it feels better for you to give birth outside of the water this is always an option. 



Water birth Benefits: 

* Waterbirth is a tremendous labor comfort measure as the warm water relaxes the mother and relieves the pressure of gravity during birth.

* Waterbirth provides an extra layer of privacy.

* Waterbirth provides a reduced risk of perineal tears.

* Waterbirth reduces the risk of bacterial transmission to baby.

* Waterbirth provides a gentle transition for baby as the baby emerges from the warm comfort of the bag of water in mother’s womb to the warm waters of the birth pool where parents greet their baby face to face for the first time. 


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